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Our Mission

Why Now.

The crowd-driven transformation of the financial landscape is finally going mainstream. As the Founders of Jonah Trades, we joined this movement a few years ago, as Retail Traders, and have watched and participated in its evolution. Investment and trading communities have launched and continue to grow at an astonishing rates. Traders have come together in this way because they realize that the combination of their skills inevitably leads to greater success for everyone.

Why Jonah.

Jonah was created to organize retailers, to leverage the knowledge of the community, and ultimately, to make everyone more successful. Even though these retail communities are growing quickly, they are fairly isolated and end up competing for users. By coming together on one platform, this new generation of retail traders can take this movement to the next level. United, retailers finally have a chance to compete with the institutional money that has taken advantage of them for far too long.

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