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About Jonah

"Jonah builds on the momentum of the retail investor community. We are confident our platform will turn the collective retail community into the biggest whale." - Dan McKegney, CEO

Transparent. Ranked by returns.

Know how much traders believe in their own plays.

Users can choose to connect their brokerage account and share their investment portfolio - only percentages and never dollar figures - at which point they become leaders. As a leader, their portfolio is added to the Jonah leaderboard, where investors are ranked based on their verified returns over time.

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Evolution of the trade signal.

Trade signals for Jonah users, by Jonah users.

Jonah uses artificial intelligence to analyze moves made by their leaders in order to deliver quality trade alerts. By leveraging trade data of the collective, Jonah rules out bad decisions made by the few and prioritizes the trades that the community puts its confidence behind.

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